100 Things About Me

  1. I’m two years younger than my sister but my birthday is the day before hers.
  2. My sisters and I were adopted.
  3. I have a supersensitive nose and can smell things that most can’t.
  4. I love Shakespeare. No really; I thoroughly enjoy all of his works
  5. I don’t like cooked cabbage of any kind but I LOVE homemade sauerkraut.
  6. I am a serial killer of plants and have killed cactus and succulents. Repeatedly.
  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a great show (except for what they did with Kendra).
  8. Angel and Cordelia forever.
  9. Spike and Buffy forever.
  10. I have known my husband longer than I didn’t.
  11. I got married on my birthday,
  12. I was a teacher, and while I enjoy teaching, I did not enjoy being a teacher.
  13. I learned web design by putting together sites on GeoCities.
  14. I was a member of the Axis of Poetry, a group of bloggers on the now-defunct platform Mo’Time who posts poetry once a week.
  15. I used to dream that Chaka Khan was my biological mom.
  16. I have a knack for dice games.
  17. I speed read and remember most of what I read.
  18. I’m a Virgo and was born when Mercury was in Retrograde
  19. I love Garlic. Raw, cooked, fermented… it’s yummy.
  20. I have severe stage fright.
  21. As a child, I wasn’t a great friend. I had to learn to trust myself and others enough to be a good friend.
  22. I have ADHD
  23. And GAD
  24. And MDD
  25. I was on the Charlie Rose Show when I was in 9th grade discussing Rodney King and the impact of the police officers who beat him being acquitted.
  26. I once did a blog-a-thon to raise money for charity. I stayed up for 24 hours and posted a new post every hour.
  27. I played basketball as a teen and was good at it.
  28. In fact, I was good at most sports I tried except for soccer.
  29. I sucked at soccer because my breast are too big and I could not see over them to watch the ball.
  30. Finishing grad school when my daughter was one was one of my greatest accomplishments.
  31. Doctor Who for life! Give me 10 or give me death.
  32. I love lamb but lamb does not like me so I cannot eat more than a bite of it.
  33. My first personal computer was a IBM XT.
  34. My first experience coding was creating a game with C++
  35. I failed C++ in college because I could not understand a single word my professor said.
  36. I don’t eat unnaturally pink food.
  37. I’m an introvert.
  38. I don’t share creamy food with anyone not even my husband.
  39. Rice pudding and tapioca pudding are gross.
  40. Sugar does not belong in grits. Ever.
  41. I wrote a book and it should come out soon is available via Amazon.
  42. I used to run an online magazine called Epiphany: a celebration in writing. It was my baby and I learned a lot.
  43. I also ran a multi-authored blog called Moms of Hue.
  44. Kombucha is life.
  45. So is kefir.
  46. Homemade yogurt is a necessity.
  47. I have seen every episode of Frasier moreover than ten times.
  48. I have seen Les Miserable 22 times.
  49. The Hamilton Soundtrack is the best musical soundtrack since Rent.
  50. And the Hamilton Mix-Tape is  hip-hop perfection.
  51. I don’t like to fry food.
  52. I have a huge burn on my arm from getting my arm stuck in a slotted radiator when I was a baby.
  53. I have brothers somewhere but closed adoptions ruin lives.
  54. Nas over Jay-Z
  55. I don’t like Beyoncé’s music and was never a fan of Destiny’s child. But she is a hard worker!
  56. My favorite piece of furniture in my house is my Uplift Standing Desk.
  57. Three of the four dogs I owned in my adult life have died and it devastated me.
  58. I like arts and crafts of all kind and get very ornery if I don’t take time to create something.
  59. My favorite crafting project is making notebooks.
  60. I make t-shirts.
  61. Music makes me feel in ways I can’t express. It soothes me and without it I would be an emotional mess.
  62. I cannot speak any language besides English but know enough Latin and Spanish that I can understand most Latin-based languages.
  63. I wish I had locked my hair sooner.
  64. I have longed identified as Queer; Pan-sexual to be exact.
  65. I dislike being called Kris and I will ignore anyone who calls me that.
  66. Except for my sister Caroline. I have always allowed her to call me Kris.
  67. I am often the Champion of the Underdog.
  68. New York Knicks fan even when they suck.
  69. Same with the Yankees.
  70. My dad was a Mets fan. I never understood why.
  71. My favorite color is Blue.
  72. My favorite movie is In the Line of Fire.
  73. My favorite book in Octavia Butler’s Dawn.
  74. My favorite song is “The Things You Do'” by The Temptations
  75. My favorite meal is Pizza.
  76. My favorite dessert is anything made with GOOD chocolate.
  77. I love coffee. Real coffee. Not Starbucks coffee drinks.
  78. I am afraid of heights.
  79. I am a practicing tarot interpreter.
  80. I love breakfast foods.
  81. I’m a good cook and at one point wanted to be a chef.
  82. My first cat was a Siamese name Camelot. I used to feed her Lays potato chips and American Cheese.
  83. The first guy I ever had a crush on broke my heart when he dated the first girl I ever loved.
  84. Prince.
  85. Monk was one of my favorite shows.
  86. Psych too.
  87. I tap dance.
  88. And play the piano (a little).
  89. I love to sing.
  90. But not in public.
  91. Homeschooling my daughter has helped my conquer my dyscalculia.
  92. I don’t have a driver’s license.
  93. I am working on a novel.
  94. And I publish a zine.
  95. I love board games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and Risk.
  96. I also play D&D
  97. DarkNet on Oculus is amazing and I play it for long periods of time.
  98. I enjoy popcorn with butter, Parmesan cheese, and hot sauce.
  99. Anthony Bourdain’s suicide broke my heart.
  100. My dream is to open a publishing company.