March 2019 To Be Read List

I’ve been reading a lot of romance novels but this month I’m taking a break. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be reading romance novels; I’ll never give those up. But, I am aiming to read four books that are not part of #romancelandia. Reading four books is usually easy for me so I will […]

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From Unfinished to In-Progress

I’ve amassed numerous unfinished projects in my adult life. For example, in 2017 I committed to publishing six issues of my Gather the Wind Zine. I published two. I have enough poems and shorts for more issues, but… Also, in 2017, I opened a t-shirt store called Bamable. While there are only three designs available […]

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September Mono-Print Desktop Wallpaper

Mono-printing has made a comeback! In the last three years, the Gelli® Plate has become very popular, just search YouTube. There are numerous videos showing viewers how to make their own plates, and countless others show different mono-printing techniques. It’s quite interesting! Admittedly, I was sucked in a few months back as I was looking […]

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Happiness is My Haul

I love pens! That’s an understatement. I have an unnatural obsession with pens. My favorite pens are the Uniball Signo RT, and I usually buy them from Tokyo Pen Shop. However, recently I decided to try Jetpens after watching Melanin Eclectic’s YouTube video from December 2017. About a week ago, after a particularly grueling couple […]

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Simplifying and Finding Balance

I am focused on simplifying my life and on finding balance. While streamlining the ridiculous amounts of crap that I have collected over the years despite not being very materialistic is something I do often, finding balance has never really been something that I have been able to accomplish. I’m forty, and I have ADD […]

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